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Shiver my liver – or “crise de foie”

22 Jul

Calf’s Liver versus Beef Liver (OK, like “who cares”?)

Sub-title:  things you should know about meat.

Beef liver comes from adult cows.  Calf’s liver comes from cows younger than one year old.

Liver is a very effective treatment for anemia.  It’s also high in protein.

Beef liver is less expensive than calf’s liver (which is considered a delicacy).

Calf’s liver is more tender, and tastes sweeter.  Calf’s liver is also less toxic than beef liver, because the animal isn’t old enough to have accumulated possible pesticide residues in its organs.

Anyone out there got any super liver recipes?
Because liver CAN taste good.

More useless trivia about liver, which in French is called “foie” (pronounced “fwoi”).

There’s a famous – at least across Europe – comic book series called “Asterix” that takes place in French Gaul during the Roman occupation.  The hero is Asterix.   Here he is:

Asterix is usually found with his good friend and gourmand Obelix, who tends to overdo the food:

Their sidekick is the small dog Ideefix  (pronounced in French “eeday fix” – get it?).

Together they beat back the Romans and eat wild pig.  Lots of wild pig.

Obelix eats more than everyone else, and regularly suffers what are known as “crises de foie” (crises of the liver).  These are either desperate bouts of indigestion, or (in my opinion) hang-overs.

In the Asterix movies, Obelix was played by the French actor Gerard Depardieu – here he is in character:

And this is about all I’ve got to say about liver.  And as for my French – don’t speak it.  Learned all I know from the days of the great chef Paul Bocuse and my slavering fandom for Catherine Deneuve.



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