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6 May

Bulk sausage

If you’re interested in making your own sausage but worry that it’s too complicated (dealing with casings and all that stuff), stop worrying.  Sausage is dead simple.  In fact, it doesn’t even have to be put into casings.  Wha?

If you have a small home grinder, or a grinding attachment for your food processor, you’re golden.  Just find a basic sausage recipe that you’d like to try.  Then grind the meat one time only through the medium plate on your grinder. 

Note underlined words above.

Next, mix all of the ingredients the recipe asks for.  First, the dry ingredients, second, the wet ingredients. 

Then package everything just like you would ground meat, or make patties out of it and freeze what you’re not going to use right off. 

Note that sausage should be 25% to 30% fat.  Commercial sausage is often up to 50% fat.  A bit too high, in my opinion.


And here’s another tip.  If you’re making lamb sausage, I recommend that you use pork fat instead of lamb fat.   Lamb fat tends to give it a gamey flavor that I don’t care for.  Plus pork fat also gives lamb sausage a much nicer texture.

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